5 Tips Managing Asbestos

Working on an asbestos material mean playing with a hazard. Our 5 tips managing asbestos post below will help you on doing this project.

First, you have to know why asbestos is so dangerous

Several years ago and until today, asbestos has been used by most people in around the world. Many people use asbestos to build their buildings. The roof, walls, ceiling, even the kid toys using asbestos. Read about the asbestos on kid toys HERE via CNN. Asbestos is dangerous because it created by fibers which contains some dangerous hazard. Asbestos reported has 6 materials, which can harm our health. The asbestos dust will spreading when it brake, and the dust may inhaled and enter the lungs.

asbestos on crayon

Next step, How Can I Find the Asbestos Material?

In my opinion, it’s not hard to find the asbestos material, but if you don’t know about the visual of an asbestos, then check this image below.
asbestos look like
In general, asbestos has white colored, but if a product was created and mixed with another material, the color may different, just take a look on a crayon. The roof, walls, pipe insulation, ceiling, floor are the most popular home parts reported has asbestos contained. If you’re not sure about this process, just call expert.

Next (3). Use Safety Tools

Don’t touch asbestos material! So, if you want to move the materials from some areas to other areas, please use a complete tools such as the gloves, the overall suit, and the shoes, also please wear a mask (a mask with air filtering feature).

Step number 4: Place the asbestos into the correct place, don’t put it into forbidden area because the law has banned on doing this. Put inside a thick plastic bag, double it and seal it with a sticky tape, and label it as asbestos waste.

The final step. We can go to proper waste sites approved by EPA (Environment Protection Authority), and then put your asbestos materials in there. This step is important because we don’t want to hurt someone correct? I believe that government will investigate people who make a mistake about this procedure, so please be careful.

Final words

If you want to manage your asbestos materials by your self, please read the 5 tips above and make sure everything correct. Make sure that you choose the correct asbestos material. The complete tools also required while managing asbestos. The last step is about wasting your asbestos material is also important, many people throw their asbestos into forbidden area, it’s 100% wrong because it can damage other which didn’t know about your trash.

Tips from me, I will not manage my asbestos by my self even it has small of size, i don’t want to play with asbestos which can harm my health. If you want to remove the asbestos stuff, I suggest you to call someone who expert in this industries. People who has licenses is the best option for you, remember, I can’t found many people who managing asbestos without the skills also licenses, just find the pro one for you.


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