Complete Information on How To Treat Mesothelioma

Here’s the guide of Mesothelioma Treatment. Mesothelioma is one the malignant disease from asbestos-related diseases. Find out how to treat the disease!


As we know, asbestos is a dangerous material. The exposure of asbestos fibers for some time might cause several diseases, known as asbestos-related diseases. The malignant disease of the asbestos-related diseases is Mesothelioma. Unfortunately, there is not any proven cure yet for the disease.

Then, what if I suffer from the disease, what treatment I should consider to receive?

Doctors offer four main treatments for mesothelioma patients in order to improve their diagnosis; Surgery, Chemotherapy, Radiation, Multimodal Treatment. Each patient will get different treatment. It’s because the treatment will depend on various factors, such as the diagnosis, the stage and the type of your mesothelioma.

Here’s the explanation of the treatment:

1. Surgery

Surgery will take place depending on your overall health, the stage and the location of cancer.

Let’s start with the location of cancer. If the cancer is moderately located in the lining around your lungs or your abdomen, then you might be qualified for aggressive surgery. The surgery option can be potentially curative for your mesothelioma.

But, the treatment might also be a combination of the several treatments. For instance, a combination of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation is possibly offered to you, if your cancer has not yet spread in your body. The approach combination of mesothelioma treatment is termed as Multimodal Therapy. The treatment combination is to make sure that there are not any cancer cells left after the surgery.

Besides aggressive surgery, there are also palliative surgeries. This approach mostly used if cancer already has spread to the patient’s body or if the patients are not well enough to handle a major surgery.

The goal of the palliative surgeries is to reduce some of the symptoms, and there might be chemotherapy and radiation involving before or after the surgeries.

2. Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is a systemic therapy which uses medications to kill the cancer cells within your body. The chemotherapy has not been proven curative for mesothelioma, but the treatment may offer a survival benefit.

The chemotherapy mostly applied before and after the surgery procedure and also in palliative setting to decrease pain and enhance the quality of life. The chemotherapy is an option if you can handle combination therapy, the doctor commonly will start with one drug.

3. Radiation

Radiation is one of the important treatment for mesothelioma. How the radiation treatment work? The radiation treatment will use high-energy rays to spot cancer cells. But, the cancer cells mostly lodged near the heart and lungs, so it’s quite challenging to set the right dose and intensive treatment needed to shrink the tumor.

The therapy mostly paired with other treatment options to help maintain tumor growth. The positive impacts of the radiation are it lessen the physical pain of mesothelioma, and it can correct breathing issues by shrinking tumors that press on your nerves, veins, and airways. It also does not have the strong side effect rather than chemotherapy does.

But, the therapy might also endanger our organs and damages our DNA while killing cancer cells. For that reason, the radiation only uses to particular types of mesothelioma.

4. Multimodal Treatment

As been said before, multimodal treatment is a combination treatment of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. Mesothelioma patients who try the multimodal treatment can control their symptoms and improve their life expectancy.

What types of therapy that you are going to receive will rely on several factors, like been said before. So, discuss with your doctor about the right treatment for your condition and other treatment options like clinical trials or other therapies which you can explore.


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